Have you wondered why the massive increasing failure in jamb and waec every year?

Why it has never been better any year(in recession or not)? If you have, then you are not alone.

This vision was born out of the desire to crop this many failures because we are of the opinion that all men are born equal(no one was born with a silver spoon) “our argument”.

The vision was informed by the fact that we are all faced with different environment or whatever circumstances hence our makeups are different causing the different rate of assimilation/understanding but yet we are all taught the same way.

Imagine a teacher teaching a 100-student in a lecture house/school and expect all to understand, that’s not possible.

Here @ Hill-Top Private Tutorials we do it differently, through our experts and sophisticated device we run an assimilation test first on your child/ward and then assign the best lecturer for that child on the subject.

We have our coaches at all part of the country Nigeria, soon to enter Ghana and other Africa Countries

Contact us today and you would be happy you did.

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