To Graduate with first class honours is the dream of every student, especially the newly admitted, popularly known as the freshers.

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Everyone, including the staylites had at one time or the other desired or dreamt to come out with first class honours however, it is a pity that only a few see their dream come true.

This is owing to many reason amongst which are lack of planning, lack of proper motivation, lack of inspiration, lack of self-discipline, lack of inspiration and discouragement on the long run. Hence they eventually settle for less.

In this article, we would be discussing in details “what it takes to come out with first class?” Follow keenly and even subscribe with your email for subsequent follow up post.

top of the class
top of the class

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I would like us to start with “Planning as an ingredient of first class honours”

The place of planning can not be overemphasized, it said that “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail invariably“. So therefore, if you truly desire to graduate with a first class honours, you must take out time to first plan.

What kind of plans do I need to make?

This is the question most first class graduates asked, you might want to ask same, as there are various kind of academic success planning techniques today(as proven by the lives of many successful graduates). But before I go in details into the technique that I would recommend, it is important we take a closer look at the word “planning“.

According to Oxford Advance Dictionary “Planning is
the process of making plans for something”. while Wikipedia gave a more elaborate definition as; “Planning(also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal”.

It is the first and foremost activity to achieve desired results. It involves the creation and maintenance of a plan, such as psychological aspects that require conceptual skills. There are even a couple of tests to measure someone’s capability of planning well. As such, planning is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior.

Also, planning has a specific process and it is necessary for multiple occupations (particularly in fields such as management, business, etc.).

In each field, there are different factors you must consider to help forecast the future which help make a good plan. There is a direct relationship between forecasting and planning, though ignored by many.

Whereas forecasting is predicting what the future would look like, planning is predicting what the future should look like with multiple scenarios.

Planning, combines forecasting and preparations on how to react to them(considering many scenarios). A plan is like a map, it helps you monitor your progress. tells you exactly where you are and what next you should do. The more flexible the plan is, the better for you. Now lets proceed to the discuss of the day.

Making each day count;

Make each day count towards your goals.
A journey of a thousand mile must begin with a step, make consistent step everyday towards your dream of coming out with a first class honours.

Success does not happen by luck but by work. When you follow the process, you must get your result.
To be successful, a lot of effort and work(this is result oriented) must be done DAILY towards your dream whether as a wrestler, an athlete, a footballer, an artist but in this case a first class honours holder.

There are two decisions every youth must make of, they are as follows;

“Play now and work later” or “Work now and play later” but the Holy Bible has advised the later as it is written “for it is good for a man to bear his burden while he’s a youth”

Lamentations 3:27

You can not run away from taking one of the decision whether consciously or unconsciously. The way and manner with which you live your life today would with certainty determine your future.

It is therefore save to that “your today is a product of yesterday” and “your tomorrow is a product of your today”.
Don’t join the many that are wasting their time, some of them have the leverage to do so because we are all unique(with different dreams and aspirations).

Stick to your plans, if you don’t, you would be running another man’s race. So therefore your whole life is determined by the decisions you make daily, and as such, you must start now, making each day count towards your dream of a first class honours.

You may want to ask; “How do I make each day count?”

If this is your question, then you are not alone. You are on the right article, shortly I would be sharing with you point by point as inferred from a 10years research(2009-2019).
I would advise that at this point, you get your notepad ready as it is important you take notes.

First Class honors
First class honors

How to make each day count?

To make each day count towards your dream first class honours, this duo must be handy, they are simply your Academic Decisions and self-discipline. This two must be married together to make each day count, they are like the both sides of a coin.

Academic decisions

Serious as it sounds when pronounced, you outrightly can not succeed academically, graduating with first class if you do not decide to make some specific academic decisions.

Some of the decisions in no particular order includes;

1.Don’t take any course for granted

2.Do all assignment and class works

3.Review all topics taken at the end of the day

4.Create a reading timetable for all courses

5.Attend all/most lectures

6.Have priority with reference to higher credit loads

7.Quick elimination of any distractions(anything outside your dream is a distraction)

8.Love, respect and honour all your lecturers(no matter how mean they are)

9.Locate a conducive reading spot

10.Join a reading group(optional)

11.Attend tutorial(optional)

12.Ask questions

13.Create summary notes and questions & solution banks

14.Teach others

15.Don’t procrastinate

16.And finally decide to be discipline

It is advised that you take as much step as you can at a time, building on them daily and soon you would discover that you can do all, making self-discipline a priority.

This takes us to that of self-discipline from the research.


A word self-discipline is ambiguous(it has several meanings) however looking at it from this context as it relates to first class degree honours, it is safe to say that “it is the ability to manage ourselves in a manner to determine the best choice, decision or action to take on any situation, weather it is according to or against our will not withstanding”.

If you plan graduating with a first class honours, most especially as a newly admitted student, there are some key things you must be discipline about, some among others in no particular order

  1. All the decisions made earlier

  2. Time management

  3. Assignments, Projects and Tests

  4. Finance

  5. Dressing sense

  6. Attitude

  7. Eating habit(choice of food)

  8. Relationships

  9. Study for long hours

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Also see;

10. Values

11. And finally your believe.

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It has been proven (you certainly won’t be an exemption) that following the above keenly would cause you to smile because surely your dream of graduating with first class would come true.

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